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The 4th workshop on Global Black Soil Critical Zone Geo-ecological Survey Conference Notice

The project(IGCP665) aims to study the mechanisms of the formation and evolution of the three major Black Soils (BS) across Northeast China, North America and southern Russia-Ukraine, and the relationship between BS ecosystems and global change in the context of "Earth Critical Zone" (CZ), which aims to solve complex systematic problems of the near surface environments of our planet. A long term space-air-ground integrated observation system including RS, geochemistry and Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) will be developed to monitor various data sets, so as to provide comprehensive understandings of the black soil critical zone (BSCZ) and its mutual impacts on global change. We propose to develop a BS CZO in Northeast China covering representative landscapes. The project results will provide a strong support for the international governments to make sustainable land use plans and will be freely available to the public from our website for people to understand the value of the BS in our daily lives. The research might extend, if possible, to other BS, e.g. Pampas Prairie in South America. The data and facilitate developed by this project will be open to the public for education and research purposes.
In order to promote the IGCP665 project and strengthen communication among project members, the 4th workshop on Global Black Soil Critical Zone Geo-ecological Survey (BASGES) will be held on 19 May, 2021. Influenced by the global CONVID-19 epidemic, this conference will be held online. See the workshop manual for details.

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