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Protecting the earth critical zone by paining more attention on northeast black soil region.

May 10,2018
Black soil, the most precious land resource in China.
It is valuable not only because it takes hundreds or even thousands of years to form, but also because its product has the highest quality than any other areas in China. Northeast black soil region is our country big grain storehouse, have pivotal position in our country food safety production.
However, previous attitudes on black soil have focused on more output and less scientific protection and utilization.
Now, this situation might been shifted because of the recent actions and innovations prospects by Shenyang geological survey center of CGS.
In Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces with the largest distribution of black soil, the scientific utilization and protection of black soil has been highly valued by the government. Among them, Jilin has issued protection regulations, Heilongjiang is studying the specific measures of protection. The state bureau of land supervision also listed black soil protection and scientific utilization as important work contents.
More importantly, through its own efforts, Shenyang center has also turned the protection and scientific utilization of black soil into an international cooperation project of UNESCO. Its research results will provide solid theoretical and methodological technical support for the protection of black soil worldwide and contribute Chinese wisdom.
From this brief introduction, it can be seen that the initiative of Shenyang center, while providing scientific support for us to realize the good wish of "leaving black soil to our children and grandchildren", has also opened up a new field of geoscience research -- research on the utilization and protection of natural resources in the black soil critical zone.
Cheers for Shenyang geological survey center!
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