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Shenyang supervision bureau and Shenyang center of CGS will cooperate to protect and develop black soil

May 10,2018
A delegation headed by the Shenyang bureau of state land supervision has recently visited the Shenyang geological survey center of CGS to conduct research on the black soil geological survey, protection, development and utilization in northeast China.
The person in charge of Shenyang supervision bureau points out that Shenyang geological survey center is a geological survey team with high technical content, capable of fighting hard battles and relying on. Northeast black soil is the most valuable resource, Shenyang supervision bureau should work closely with Shenyang geological survey center to protect and exploit this resource. First, we should strengthen the cooperative investigation and fully understand the status of black soil resources in northeast China. Second, considering the major national development strategies, to put forward specific proposals on protection and utilization at the level of national cooperation. Thirdly, it is suggested that Shenyang center should strengthen scientific and technological innovation in the project of black soil protection and utilization. Fourthly, it is suggested that Shenyang center should strengthen the construction of black soil geo-ecological research center and monitoring base, to contribute more to the research of world black soil.
The person in charge of Shenyang geological survey center said that he will try his best to provide strong technical support and services for the protection, development and utilization of black soil, do a good job in basic geological survey and scientific research, and make new contributions to the revitalization of the old industrial base in northeast China.
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