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" Land resource evolution mechanism and its sustainable use in global black soil critical zone " was successfully approved by UNESCO's IGCP international cooperation plan

May 08,2018
From February 19 to 21, 2018, the standing committee of UNESCO held the IGCP international cooperation plan review meeting in the headquarters of Paris, and the proposal of international cooperation project of "the evolution and sustainable utilization of land resources in the black soil critical zone" applied by Shenyang geological survey center was approved.
In 2017, from the perspective of earth critical zone and geo-ecological investigation, Shenyang geological survey center began to seek the world's top scientists from black soil distributed countries and those who engaged in related research, and in December 2017, co-organized with the international black soil association, Jilin university, China university of geosciences (wuhan), Chengdu university of technology, CNNC Beijing research institute of uranium geology, and Beijing green earth technology co. LTD, "global geo-ecological survey (BASGES) international academic seminar" have been held in Shenyang, Geological and ecological experts from ten countries gathered together to discuss and cooperate on the formation and evolution of black soil in the black soil critical zone, the soil cycle, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere mutual feeding mechanism in the black soil critical zone, as well as the multidisciplinary interdisciplinary research on black soil protection and sustainable utilization.
Successful plan approved by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization IGCP international cooperation, is a key system, soil in shenyang center for global multi-disciplinary cross a solid first step in international cooperation in research, and land and geo-ecological survey, the first step on the road to the world, as the center so as to lay a good foundation soil in leading the global geo-ecological survey in the future.
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