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A symposium was held on Space-Air-Ground integrated geo-ecological survey of global black soil critical zone

May 10,2018
To implement the general secretary xi’s instructions and spirit about "innovation driven development, speed up the construction of an innovative country " to "protect the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of the productive forces", on August 11-12, black soil critical zone space-air-ground integrated investigation seminar was held in Changchun city of Jilin province. This seminar was organized by Shenyang geological survey center, CGS. Black soil is the most precious land resource in the critical zone of the earth. This conference put forward the concept of "Space-Air-Ground integrated investigation on global black soil critical zone".
Shenyang center delivered a speech on "Working plan for Space-Air-Ground integrated geo-ecological survey of global black soil critical zone ", this report put forward key geo-ecological problems that should be solved in black soil critical zone study, followed with Space-Air-Ground integrated technologies and some applications. The department of land and resources of Jilin province pointed out, it is a great work to organize a number of top units home and abroad to carry out global black soil critical zone investigation, it is based on northeast of China, and facing the whole world. This project takes the study of the critical zone of the earth as the starting point to carry out the comprehensive geological and ecological survey of black soil, which is both an innovation and a reflection of the country's major needs. The implementation of this project is a good news to Jilin province, which is beneficial to the comprehensive understanding of land resources in Jilin province, and has great application prospects in the fields of land grading, utilization planning, occupation and compensation balance and land consolidation.
China university of geosciences (wuhan), Jilin university, Chengdu university of technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Twenty first century aerospace technology Co., Ltd., and a number of geological survey institutions in Heilongjiang province participated in this symposium, experts had made clear further investigation and research direction of science and technology in the future. This symposium laid a foundation for comprehensively promoting the geological and ecological investigation of the black soil critical zone in the world.
——Source:Shenyang geological survey center, China geological survey
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