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Second symposium on the earth ecology survey in key areas of the global black soil region

Aug. 09,2018
International Black Soil Society Shenyang Geological Survey of China Geological Survey Beijing Green Land Co. Ltd.
Harbin, China Oct. 20th–24th, 2018
Day 1
08:00 Registration
Registration Wang Jianhua, Sun Minglu
08:00 Registration Wang Jianhua, Sun Minglu
17:00 Buffet
Day 2
09:00 Convene
Workshop PLENARY Wang Daming
09:00 Workshop Introduction Wang Daming
09:15 Host Welcome Speech Li Zhizhong etc.
IBSS Opening Ceremony Wang Daming
09:30 Introduce IBSS and Announce Organizations Wang Daming
09:45 IBSS Opening Ceremony Peng Suping, Li Zhizhong etc.
10:00 IBSS Resource People Speech Peng Suping, Cheng Qiuming etc.
10:30 Photo and Coffee Break
11:00 Award Letters of Appointment of IBSS Peng Suping, Selected Persons etc.
11:30 Signing collaboration letters Peng S., Li Z., Selected Collaborators.
12:00 Lunch
IGCP655 Opening Ceremony Wang Daming
14:00 BASGES Progress after 1st Workshop and next Wang Daming
14:30 Publishing Atlas Li Zhizhong
15:00 Coffee Break
Keynote Speech Wang Daming
15:30 Academician keynote speech Peng Suping
16:30 Academician keynote speech
18:00 Welcome Dinner
Day 3
08:30 Convene
Project Discussion Wang Daming
09:00 Remote Sensing Black Soil Critical Zone Kopackova, V., Howard, D., Chen, B.
09:40 Geochemical Black Soil Critical Zone Demetriades, A., Dai, H.
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 Spectral Black Soil Critical Zone V-Rossel, R., Kopackova, V., Chen, S.
11:20 CZO Construction Filley, T., Zhang, B.
12:00 Lunch
Project Discussion Wang Daming
14:00 Black Soil Critical Zone Modelling Wang, L., Chen, S.
14:40 Black Soil Critical Zone Carbon Cycling Filly, T., Liu, G.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 Sharing Platform Geng, X., Wang, J.
16:20 Soil MicroBiome Research Savin, I.
17:00 Workshop conclusion Wang Daming
17:30 Buffet
Day 4
08:30 Convene
Field trip Liu Kai
08:30 Hailun field trip Workshop participants
Day 5
Participants leaving Wang Jianhua, Sun Minglu
Workshop Organization
1. Workshop Venue
(1) Venue:
(2) Conference Hall:
(3) Breakfast: 7:00-9:00,
Lunch: 12:00-13:30,
Dinner: 18:00-20:00,
2. Workshop Documents
(1) Please upload your slides in advance into the laptop of the workshop staff
(2) Please prepare a published version of your slides for sharing after the workshop, and send it to wangdaming@mail.cgs.gov.cn
(3) Coordinator:
Dr. Dai Huimin, cell phone: +86-13889825351, email: daihuimin78@126.com
Dr. Wang Jianhua, cell phone: +86-18910757382
Dr. Wang Daming, cell phone: +86-13911660395
3. Field Trip
(1) Location:
(2) Travel:
(3) Lunch:
(4) Coordinator:
Dr. Liu Kai, cell phone: +86-18809834369 Dr. Dai Huimin, cell phone: +86-13889825351, email: daihuimin78@126.com
4. Airport Pick-up
(1) We will arrange airport pick-up at Harbin Taiping International Airport for everybody
(2) Workshop staff will wait for you in front of the exit holding a sign with your name or “BASGES Workshop”
(3) Coordinator:
Ms. Sun Minglu, cell phone: +86-15040350916, email: sml16@126.com Mr. Wang Jianhua, cell phone: +86-18910757382
5. Climate
(1) The temperature in Harbin will be around XX℃ to XX℃ during the workshop. Please keep yourself XX.
(2) The temperature in the field will be around XX℃ to XX℃ during the field trip. The traffic is good, and the profile is close to a major road. Please keep yourself XX but there is NO NEED for any special equipment, e.g. boots etc.
6. Notes
(1) All the cost of the sponsored participants we invited will be covered by the organizer.
(2) We will book the accommodation and meals for other participants, too. Please pay the bills when checking out by yourself.
(3) The workshop staff room will be in XX. Please feel free to come to us when you need any help.
(4) If you need any assistance out of the workshop period (), please feel free to contact Prof. Wang in advance.
(5) We would like to suggest you install “WeChat” instant chatting software (for free) on your cell phone and add Prof. Wang with “30705940”, so as to have a cheap and efficient voice and sms communication during the workshop.
7. Contact information:
(1) Coordinator in General:
Prof. Wang Daming, Assistant Director of SGS Cell phone: +86-13911660395, email:wangdaming@mail.cgs.gov.cn or daming82@qq.com,.
(2) Service Coordinator:
Mr. Wang Jianhua, cell phone: +86-18910757382 Dr. Liu Zhijun, Cell phone: +86-15712303111 Dr. Bao Qingzhong, Cell phone: +86-13889884680
(3) Documents Coordinator:
Dr. Dai Huimin, cell phone: +86-13889825351, email: daihuimin78@126.com Dr. Guo Changlai, cell phone: +86-13804022606
(4) Airport Pick-up Coordinator:
Ms. Sun Minglu, cell phone: +86-15040350916, email: sml16@126.com
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