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The foundation work of the black soil black soil critical zone project will be started

May 10,2018
Shenyang geological survey center recently organized a workshop on the development and sustainable utilization of land resources in the black soil critical zone.
In this meeting, several experts made wonderful reports on geo-ecological survey in black soil critical zone, discussed important geological problems, determined 8 research directions that should be carry out currently, including the research on spectral characters of black soil regions, and etc., involving land and key pedosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and deployed work content and method for next step.
According to the arrangement on this symposium, a number of basic projects will be started in the geological and ecological survey in the coming years.
Experts from international black soil association, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Jilin university, Beijing institute of geology of nuclear industry, Heilongjiang academy of agricultural sciences, Heilongjiang regional geological survey and other institutions attended the meeting.
-- source: China mining press
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