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The implementation of the first local regulation on black soil protection

The regulation on the protection of black soil in Jilin province (hereinafter referred to as the regulation) will come into effect on July 1, 2018, according to a report from the standing committee of the people's congress of Jilin province. The regulation, which was deliberated and adopted at the second meeting of the standing committee of the 13th people's congress of Jilin province on March 30, 2018, is China's first local regulation on black soil protection.
"Pinching black soil braving oil flowers, inserted into the root of chopsticks can germinate," black soil high organic content, soil fertile, is a valuable soil resources. In recent years, affected by natural and human factors, black soil has become "thin", "poor" and "hard", with less area and less quality. Some experts point out that the average thickness of black soil layer in northeast China has decreased from 60 to 70 cm in the middle of last century to 20 to 30 cm now.
"There is no ready experience to learn from, and there are many departments, laws and regulations involved. After nearly three years, the regulation was revised several times and finally passed through three reviews. In a report on the review of the regulation, the legislative affairs committee of Jilin provincial people's congress introduced that the focus of the review and revision of the regulations mainly focuses on the definition of black soil, the division of responsibilities of government departments for black soil protection, measures for black soil protection and legal responsibilities.
In the regulation, black soil is defined as -- the term "black soil" refers to the quality land with black or dark humus surface soil, good character and high fertility within the administrative region of the province, including black soil, black calcium soil, meadow soil, dark brown soil and other soil types.
"The regulations stipulate how to control the loss of black soil, increase the content of soil organic matter, protect water and keep fertilizer, and divide the black soil in the province into two types: protection and reparation, and clarify the respective protection priorities of the three areas in the province." Yu ping, deputy director of the legislative affairs committee of Jilin provincial people's congress, said the implementation of the regulations will play a positive role in fertilizing land, soil and water conservation, saline-alkali land management, wind prevention and sand fixation, and river and lake connectivity.
The regulation stipulate that people's governments at or above the county level shall incorporate the protection of black soil into their national economic and social development plans and include the funds for the protection of black soil in their financial budgets. Supervision system for black soil protection; In areas where the protection of black soil is ineffective, the provincial people's government or its designated supervision and administration department shall interview the principal persons in charge of the people's government of the region, and the interview shall be made public to the society.
The regulation also set June 25 as the black soil protection day of Jilin province.
-- source: sohu international online
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